Scale Model Handbook – WWII SPECIAL Vol.3


Scale Model Handbook – WWII SPECIAL Vol.3


Scale Model Handbook – WWII SPECIAL Vol.3

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This book is the 25th edition in Mr Black Publications’ Scale Model Handbook series resulting from a collaboration of our well-known contributors who’ve been with us from the beginning and some newer and talented modellers. This particular volume is the third in the series that we’ve entirely dedicated to creations inspired by those events that took place between 1939-1945 and known to Western histories as “The Second World War”.

The wartime themes herein are numerous and feature extended articles about models dioramas vignettes and figures especially in 1/35 scale where we’ve managed to present many representative examples that we feel will interest our readers.

Thanks must go to all for their excellent work and dedication to help achieve this project; our new contributors Calvin Tan Michael Lee and David Hernanz Caldevilla and the dynamic Toshihiro Sano whose work has appeared in some of our recent publications offers two new articles in this issue. As always thanks are due to our well-known stalwarts Christos Katselos Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth and Stelios Neofytidis.

We must also thank our friends partners and supporters from the manufacturing fraternity… Pietro Balloni and Luca Marchetti (Pegaso Models) Darren Parker-Mead (Tommy’s War) Stuart Hale (Stormtrooper Miniatures) Alexander Surzhenko (Masterbox Ltd) Alexey Lukanev (Irbis Miniatures) Man Jin Kim (MJ Miniatures) Young B. Song (Young Miniatures) Taesung Harmms (Alpine Miniatures) Daniel Buchtela (Model Scene) DG Artwork (Dae Hyoung Kim) Alex Vallejo (Vallejo Acrylics) Fernando Vallejo (AK-Interactive) Ben Mirson and Alina Rizhko (both from Miniart Models).

Finally we must thank Ken Jones for his valuable help in editing contributors’ texts translated into English from the different languages within our worldwide contributor base. His knowledge and advice help us lend a unique final touch to all our publications.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy our new book but above all keep modelling!


Stelios Demiras
Editor and Publisher
Mr Black Publications





4 Road to Amiens – Create an Impressive Eye Catching Diorama

– 50mm (1/35)

16 Operation Konrad Budapest 1945 – How to create a realistic ‘after the battle’ diorama – 50mm (1/35)

24 Razvedchik Operation Bagration 1944 – Painting a Box Art vignette – 50mm (1/35)

30 Machine Gunner 12 SS Panzer Division ‘Hitlerjugend’ – Painting Camouflage Pattern Clothing for Box Art – 120mm (1/16)

42 Feldgendarmerie – Painting for Box Art – 50mm (1/35)

44 Painting a WWII French Foreign Legion Skier Bust in Acrylic Colours Showing the Effects of Night Time Winter Operations – Box Art – 150mm (1/12)

46 Retreat to Victory Dunkirk 1940 – Combining Vallejo & Jo Sonja’s Acrylics to Create a Realistic Painted Finish on a Large Scale Bust – 180mm (1/10)

48 German WWII Feldgendarmerie – Painting a Large Scale Bust for Box Art – 200mm (1/9)

50 Leningrad 1941-1944 – Constructing a 1/35 scale diorama using commercial kits – 50mm (1/35)

66 Kurt Panzer Meyer Kharkov 1942-1943 – How to Paint an SS Brigade Commander – 120mm (1/16)

74 German Infantry at Kursk – Painting late WWII German Uniforms – 50mm (1/35)

78 Operation Barbarossa 1941 – Creating a Realistic Diorama Using Commercial Castings and Accessories – 50mm (1/35)

David Hernanz Caldevilla – Christos Katselos – Michael Lee – Stelios Neofytidis – Toshihiro Sano – ERNESTO  REYES  STALHUTH – CALVIN TAN




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