WWII German Military Forces in Scale 2 – Theme Collection Vol.5.


WWII German Military Forces in Scale 2 – Theme Collection Vol.5.


WWII German Military Forces in Scale 2 – Theme Collection Vol.5.

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WWII German Military Forces in Scale 2 – Theme Collection Vol.5

This is the fifth “Theme Collections” title in our new series that draws upon previously published articles in our Scale Model Handbook Special Editions Collection books where the content is dedicated to a specific category or period. In this latest edition we’ve gathered together ten themes on World War Two German Military Forces which has a popular following amongst the miniature figure modelling fraternity. Future titles in this new series will offer carefully chosen articles grouped together into specific themes.

Our books are produced using a high-quality digital printing process giving excellent quality illustrations using 300g matt laminated velvet paper for the covers with 150g velvet paper inside all perfect bound with a special glue!

As always thanks must go to all our contributors for their support and for sharing their secrets with us. Special thanks are due to Pietro Balloni Luca Marchetti Alex Vallejo Darren Parker-Mead Man Jin Kim Alexey Lucanev Fernando Vallejo Taesung Harmms Andrew Cairns Young B. Song Dae-Hyeong Kim Ju Won Jung Paul Ondeck Yannis Papadopoulos and our English Text Editor Ken Jones.

We hope you’ll enjoy our latest edition!


Stelios Demiras



4 Die Ostfront 1945 – Building a 1/16 Scale Vignette (Scratch-built) – 120mm (1/16)

24 Wehrmachtschütze im Feldanzug 1939 – How to Paint a Field Grey Uniform – 90mm (1/20)

34 Michael Wittmann Tiger Ace in Normandy – Painting a Large Scale Character Bust from Military History (Step by Step & Box Art) – 200mm (1/9)

44 SS Squad Leader Russia 1941 – How to Paint 1/9 Scale Figures (Step by Step & Box Art) – 200mm (1/9)

52 Waffen SS Panzer Crewman (Head) – How to Paint a Large Scale Face Using Artists’ Oil Colours – 180mm (1/10)

54 Otto Carius – Painting a Large Scale Character Bust with Acrylics & Oils (Step by Step & Box Art) – 180mm (1/10)

60 Waffen SS AFV Crew 1944-45 No.1 – How to Paint a Black Panzer Uniform and Black Leather in Oil Colours & Tamiya Enamels (Step by Step) – 50mm (1/35)

66 U-Boat Commander World War Two – How to Paint a Large Scale Bust of a German U-Boat Commander Using Tamiya Enamels (Step by Step) – 180mm (1/10)

74 The “Battle of the Bulge” – Ardennes 1944-1945 – How to create a Realistic Vignette Using Commercial Figures & Products – 50mm (1/35)

78 Joachim Peiper in Kharkov 19th February 1943 – 15th March 1943 – How to Create a Realistic Vignette Combining Commercial Figures & the “Wedgie” of a PzKpfw III Adapted from a Plastic Kit all Mounted on a Scenic Base – 50mm (1/35)

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