Scale Model Handbook – DIORAMA MODELLING VOL.1 – Second Edition


Scale Model Handbook – DIORAMA MODELLING VOL.1 – Second Edition


Scale Model Handbook – DIORAMA MODELLING VOL.1 – Second Edition

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Scale Model Handbook Diorama Modelling 1 A new book series on Diorama Modelling from Mr Black Publications covering a variety of themes and historical periods such as 15th Century Napoleonic WWI WWII and Civilian. This first volume has 9 unique dioramas with 10 Well Known contributors. Articles Step by Step on Construction and Painting Techniques How to Scratch-built Conversions Box Art History. Over of 400 pictures with a lot of SBS photos.100 pages A4 Matt laminated cover PREFACE

Welcome to the first book about modelling dioramas in Mr Black Publications’ series of Scale Model Handbooks. We promised in our first issue that our publications would eventually cover a greater variety of military modelling themes and now our first special issue dedicated to various types of dioramas has come to fruition!

While gathering material for such a special book we soon realized that it wouldn’t be possible to cover everything we wanted to in our standard 52-page format so a 100-page book became inevitable to provide more coverage and satisfy the requirements of our readers. Different approaches techniques and step-by-step instructions are covered in more than 400 photographs and associated texts to inspire you the reader to make your own creations.

It took us about 18 months of intensive work to gather our material since we wanted to cover many historical periods such as Napoleonic 15th century WWI WWII and not forgetting civilian based scenes as well as considering the many different and popular scales of 1/35 (50mm) and 1/32 (54mm) to the larger 1/24 (75mm) and 1/16 (120mm) scale dioramas to satisfy our readers’ interests. Our aim was to make this book a necessary and useful handbook for modellers everywhere.

We would like to thank those who contributed to this book as we couldn’t have produced it without them. Antonio Fdez (“Piqui”) Jesus Gamarra Javier Gonzalez (“Arsies”) Theodoros Kelesidis Noel Petroni Sergey Popovichenko Costas Rodopoulos Kazufumi Tomori Alex Varela (“Iguazzu”) and Dave Youngquist… You are all stars!

Special thanks must go to Luca Marchetti and Pietro Balloni from Pegaso Models who have been there for us right from the start; Alex Vallejo (Vallejo Acrylics) Alexey Lucanev (Irbis Miniatures) and John Page (Sphere Products) whose support is highly appreciated. Last but not least we would like to thank Ken Jones for his valuable help in editing texts his advice and lending a unique final touch to all our publications.

It is with much excitement and satisfaction that we present you with this first book in our new “Diorama Modelling Series” – it’s one in which we are placing great hope towards it being a new and successful regular edition to our series of modelling books!




4 Bailén July 1808 – 54mm (1/32)

20 Back to the Front – 120mm (1/16)

28 US M3 Stuart “Honey” – 50mm (1/35)

40 Die Ostfront 1945 – 120mm (1/16)

60 Conquistadors – 75mm (1/24)

66 “The Cannon” – 50mm (1/35)

72 Kings of the Road – 54mm (1/32)

80 Making Pine Trees – 50mm(1/35) /54mm(1/32)

88 Near Moscow December 1941 – 50mm(1/35)/ 54mm(1/32)

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