Scale Model Handbook – FIGURE MODELLING 12


Scale Model Handbook – FIGURE MODELLING 12


Scale Model Handbook – FIGURE MODELLING 12

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Welcome to the 12th edition in the Scale Model Handbook Series dedicated to modelling miniature figures where we offer the excellent work of Myeong-ha Hwang Sergey Popovichenko Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth Carl Startin “Carlos Figureart” and Alex Varela “Iguazzu”. This edition features a variety of themes and techniques – painting different textures fabrics and metals using oil and enamel colours as painting mediums.


Three large-scale busts are featured; one a Second World War subject a 120mm sculpted by Mike Blank and a fantasy depicting John Snow from “Night’s Watch” painted by the talented Korean artist Myeong-ha Hwang and appearing for the first time in a Mr Black Publications’ edition!


We would like to offer our gratitude to Pietro Balloni and Luca Marchetti of Pegaso Models Alex Vallejo from Acrylicos Vallejo Darren Parker-Mead from Tommy’s War and all of our contributors for providing us with examples of their awesome work and not least to Ken Jones for his valuable help with editing the text!


Stelios Demiras





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Tsingtao 1914 – 180mm Tommy’s War (TW10B02) – 5 pages


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